Cetus CLMM LP Campaign

(UTC+0) 2023-01-12 16:00 ~ 2023-01-26 16:00

We are super excited to onboard our brand new BETA version — Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker (CLMM) on the Aptos mainnet. This is the 1st Concentrated Liquidity DEX on Aptos with high-level availability, composability, and security.

Alongside that, more than 118K followers on Twitter and 85k members in the discord channel have participated in the growth of Cetus experiencing our classic AMM products from the very start.

Now It’s time to invite our fam to join a bounty program where we welcome all users to help improve and optimize our products. To celebrate and collect more feedback, we launch a Giveaway campaign for users who swap and add liquidity on Cetus CLMM pools via Port3 entries.

Prize Pool: 400 APT in total + Badges

Part #1:

Connect your Aptos wallet and all the users who complete the following tasks can participate in our raffle to win 10 APT as a reward. The LP Campaign will last for 2 weeks and 20 winners will be picked and announced after the campaign ends. Also, every eligible Aptos address that completes the interactions will be enabled to claim an exclusive Badge published by Cetus.

Part #2:

In addition, you can submit further feedback and suggestions on Cetus CLMM products experience via Step 5th to earn extra APT rewards in the Cetus community. We provide three tiers of rewards of up to 200 APT for solid submissions that are accepted by the Cetus team. Looking forward to hearing from you about improving our products.

What is Concentrated Liquidity?

Liquidity in a common AMM is distributed uniformly along the entire price curve (0, ∞). In comparison, concentrated liquidity is the liquidity allocated within a specified price range. A concentrated liquidity protocol like Cetus allows liquidity providers to contribute their liquidity within their custom price ranges.

Tutorial: How to add liquidity on Cetus beta CLMM?


reward tag


10 APT * 40

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