MadMen x Port3 Collab Giveaway

(UTC+0) 2022-12-13 16:00 ~ 2022-12-20 16:00

MadMen x Port3 Collab Giveaway

🎉 We are excited to collaborate with Port3, and we will have more collaborative content to follow.

🎁 Prizes

  • 50 Mad Point Coupon * 30
  • MadMen x Port3 Collab Badge * 1000

About MadMen

MadMen ecosystem’s greater vision is to help Web3 apps generate value to its users through monetizing Web3 transactions, engagements and interactions on-chain and cross-chain. 

MadMen consists of three core components, 

1. MadMen.app - a Web3 digital advertising platform.

2. MadSlot - MadSlot is the collection of NFT passes for access to the MadMen and Mad3 ecosystem. It has 11 basic characters with variations & rarities. 

3. Mad3 - the core product for Web3 and Web2.0 users. 

About Mad3

Mad3.me is a Web3 video aggregation platform with a robust watch-and-earn model powered by the MadMen team. Unlike other Web3 UGC video Dapps, Mad3 focuses on Web3 related PGC around Web3 Dapps, projects, learning and exploration, offering innovative and enjoyable gaming-like user experience. Mad3 makes it easier to explore, learn & experience Web3 - Your Portal to Web3. The product is created by a team of professionals with rich backgrounds in game/video products, Ad tech and UX design.

About MP Coupon

You can redeem your Mad Point (MP) for NFT/WL spots, in-game assets, tokens, MadSlot upgrade, even physical goods and a lot more benefits.

About Port3

Port3, Home of Web3. One-stop platform to create, utilize and evolve your Web3 identity.

About the coupon rewards, we will randomly select 30 winners to be airdropped to the address where you participated in the task at the end of the campaign.

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MadMen x Port3 Collab Badge * 704/1,000
Coupon of 50 Mad Point Worth * 30

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