Get Earn x Pitbull NFT to stake it for exciting rewards πŸš€

(UTC+0) 2024-06-11 18:00 ~ 2024-07-10 22:00

🌟 Unlock Exclusive Rewards with the Earn Network and Pitbull NFT Campaign!

Join Earn Network and Pitbull for an electrifying NFT campaign on SoQuest! This unique event combines digital art with decentralized finance, offering participants the chance to engage with the Pitbull and Earn Network while earning significant rewards. Get ready to stake, engage, and elevate your DeFi experience!

πŸ† Prizes:

Participants will earn a unique free Pitbull NFT that have its own staking pool with exciting $USDT, $BNB and Earn Point NFT rewards. The Airdrop Earn Points NFT, can be later used to claim Earn Points in Earn Network Airdrop.

🎯 How to enter and maximize rewards:

  1. Complete all specified social tasks.
  2. Claim your Pitbull NFT reward, with fees pre-paid by Earn Network.
  3. Visit Pitbull NFT staking pool, and verify rewards by confirming that you are a $PIT holder with at least $100 worth of $PIT
  4. Stake your NFT: select NFT ID of your Pitbull NFT (you can check it on your wallet or on bscscan if you are not sure), and set up the lock-up period (recommended 60 days)
  5. Click Stake and confirm the transaction.
  6. Enjoy the various rewards under the staking pool!

πŸš€ Explore and enjoy more staking opportunities on Earn Network and stay engaged for more rewarding experiences!

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Earn Network x Pitbull | Staking NFT

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